October 6, 2021

Registration for IIA's 2021 Spring Virtual Symposium is now closed.

Please direct any queries to hmcgill@iianalytics.com

Registration for the 2021 Fall Analytics Symposium is now closed.


1) Admission to Symposium for non-IIA clients is by invitation only and subject to qualification.  IIA Symposia are limited access events designed specifically for senior analytics leaders (CAO, VP of Analytics, Directors, etc.) from companies with enterprise analytics programs.  No analytics consultants, vendors or service providers are permitted to attend.  If you are a senior analytics leader and interested in attending at Symposium, please fill out the form above to request an invitation.  IIA will respond within five business days at to your qualification for an invitation.  Unsure if you qualify?  Please contact Hayley at hmcgill@iianalytics.com for more information.

2) IIA’s two Analytics Symposia each year are limited to current IIA research, advisory and benchmarking clients as part of their annual service agreements.  For more information about IIA or to become a client and participate in one of our Symposia, visit www.iianalytics.com.

3) Registration implies consent to use any photos or video captured at the event for IIA promotional purposes unless explicitly requested otherwise.

Please direct any queries to: hmcgill@iianalytics.com.