The International Institute for Analytics is excited to invite you to nominate your organization for the 2019 ANNY Excellence in Analytics Award. Founded in 2012, the ANNY has been awarded to teams in many industries who have made profound changes to their organization through analytics projects. IIA reviews all applications to select the team who has used advanced analytics in innovative ways to drive measurable business results. Is this your year to win the ANNY?

Not only is the ANNY great recognition amongst your peers but it is a great way to show your organization the giant strides you and your team are making with analytics. Accepting applications until 8/17/2019.

How It's Judged

How to Apply

There are five key areas the panel of judges score the applications on:

Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Outcomes: Evidence of sustained, measurable success against planned targets and objectives
  • Ambition: Evidence of innovative and unique quantitative analytical techniques being applied
  • Scale: Level of coordinated internal resources to foster a meaningful, enterprise-wide analytics program
  • Skills: Evidence of a commitment to improving analytical skills of all user types across the enterprise
  • Insights: Evidence of higher quality insights and decision-making resulting from the analytical activity

Download the application today. Take the time to put together a complete application and submit before 8/17/2019. The IIA selection of judges, which includes co-founder Tom Davenport and CAO Bill Franks, will comb through your application(s). Make sure you add enough detail for them to truly understand the business impact your project had.

Finalists will be announced  9/12/2019. To be a finalist, a member of your team MUST attend the Fall Analytics Symposium to present your project. The winner will be announced during the event.

Questions? Email

Accepting Applications

Deadline to apply is 8/17/2019


Past Winners

2018 ANNY Winner – Honeywell

Honeywell’s Aerospace division won the Excellence in Analytics Award for their Dynamic Value Pricing initiative, the project stood out for its impressive measurable business impact.

2017 ANNY Winner – Cisco

Cisco’s marketing division won the Excellence in Analytics Award for its Marketing Accountability analytics initiative. Cisco marketing’s analytics team guided the organization to focus on three key performance indicators tied to several core functions: customer and partner engagement, lead generation, and marketing-sourced bookings. Dashboards track the three indicators and assess performance across all of Cisco’s marketing activities on a daily basis. Marketing functional teams use the dashboards to plan, execute and enhance campaigns, and senior leadership use them to optimize investments.

2016 ANNY Winner – Caterpillar

Caterpillar won for creating an innovative and successful analytics strategy.Tori Rollings, Manager Assurance of Supply and Ken Masters, Information & Analysis Supervisor of Caterpillar accepted the award on behalf of their organization. Caterpillar’s supply network optimization project is a shining example of how analytics can provide critical insights and make processes more efficient.

2015 ANNY Winner – UPMC Health Plan

UPMC Health Plan was awarded the 2015 Excellence in Analytics Award for its development of The Learning Engine, a tool for surfacing and evolving the knowledge required to optimize quality of care for UPMC Health Plan’s member population.

2014 ANNY Winner – Ford

Ford Motor Company was awarded the 2014 Excellence in Analytics Award for its impressive work optimizing inventory management for its nearly 3,000 Ford and Lincoln dealerships in North America with its “SMART INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” (SIMS). SIMS uses advanced analytics to produce dealer-specific vehicle order recommendations to ensure dealers have the right number and mix of inventory to accommodate customer preferences and demand. As a result, SIMS increased annual revenue and Ford dealerships are confidently making smart and cost-effective inventory ordering decisions.

2013 ANNY Winner – Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare were awarded the 2013 ANNY Award for their excellence in analytics.

2012 ANNY Winner – Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble were awarded the 2012 ANNY Award for their excellence in analytics.