April 21, 2021

Registration for IIA's 2021 Spring Virtual Symposium is now closed.

Please direct any queries to hmcgill@iianalytics.com


1) IIA’s two Analytics Symposia each year are limited to current IIA research, advisory and benchmarking clients as part of their annual service agreements.  For more information about IIA or to become a client and participate in one of our Symposia, visit www.iianalytics.com.

2) Admission to Symposium for non-IIA clients is by invitation only and subject to qualification.  IIA Symposia are limited access events designed specifically for senior analytics leaders (CAO, VP of Analytics, Directors, etc.) from companies with enterprise analytics programs.  No analytics consultants, vendors or service providers are permitted to attend.  If you are a senior analytics leader and interested in attending at Symposium, please fill out the form above to request an invitation.  IIA will respond within five business days at to your qualification for an invitation.  Unsure if you qualify?  Please contact Hayley at hmcgill@iianalytics.com for more information.

3) Registration implies consent to use any photos or video captured at the event for IIA promotional purposes unless explicitly requested otherwise.

Please direct any queries to: hmcgill@iianalytics.com.


Learn About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Overview

Explore how to turn your ideas into innovation with trusted Azure products and services

Microsoft Solutions

Solve your data and analytics  problems with proven combinations of Azure AI, analytics, business intelligence, IoT and data services. Get started with sample architectures and documentation.

Harness the power of data with Azure Data and AI

Rohan Kumar (Corporate Vice President, Azure Data) recaps recent updates to the Microsoft Azure platform including improved services for data migration, data governance, Apache Cassandra and cognitive search.  

5 Reasons Databricks runs best on Azure

Yatharth Gupta (Director of Product, Azure Data) discusses the value and advantages of running Databricks on Azure


Microsoft Azure Resources 

Always on Cloud Skills Challenge

Microsoft Learn provides a free, interactive way of learning by combining short step-by-step tutorials, browser-based interactive coding and scripting environments, and task-based achievements to help you advance your technical skills while earning achievements.

Microsoft Virtual Training Days

Are you looking to upskill your data and analytics organizations?  These 1 and 2 day virtual events will give you the opportunity to expand your team’s skillset and connect with Microsoft experts.   

Limited-time free quantities offer for Azure Synapse Analytics

Serverless SQL pool and Apache Spark pool resources on  Azure Synapse Analytics are available for a free trial through July 31, 2021.