About the presentation:

Enabling data-driven decision making and building a data-driven culture are critical for analytics success, yet these remain elusive and difficult-to-realize objectives. David will explain why overcoming the pitfalls of cognitive biases, logical fallacies, and faulty heuristics requires the recognition that reason and reasoning are different aspects of the human mind. Once you understand that, you can better navigate your constant need to rationalize and explain yourself to yourself and others so you can make better decisions and judgments, instead of what you usually do: make the choices that are easiest to justify instead of the ones that are more efficient, more productive, and generate more happiness. With a better apprehension of how human decision-making truly works, you will be equipped to face the challenges motivated reasoning and cognitive biases present to organizations striving to leverage data and advanced analytics.

Presented by:

David McRaney, Science Journalist, You Are Not So Smart